Empowering surgeons with autonomous precision
Designed for
expert results, every time.
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A smarter surgical robot
Supercharged Abilities
Achieve unparalleled accuracy and augment decisions with AI guidance to operate at world expert level every time
Reduced Human Error
Operate confidently and deliver consistently optimal patient outcomes with real-time decision support
Streamline your procedures to reduce operating room time and avoid delays and complications
Efficiency Boost
User-friendly Interface
Designed with surgeons in mind, our interface ensures a seamless transition to robotic procedures
Meet our team
Nick Damiano
Co-Founder & CEO
Previously founded two successful medtech companies whose products are used in over 1,000 hospitals globally
Kartik Tiwari
Co-Founder & CTO
Autonomous vehicles expert and three-time founder who built and launched the first driverless truck
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